Akmin offers reliable support services to meet your unique business requirements, should you ever need it. Prompt, high-quality technical support is available round the clock for all our clients through our Online Support Desk.

Given the rigorous testing that ensures the quality of the product and the technology framework behind our solutions, we expect our support to be last thing our clients need to think of when signing up for any of our solutions. In any case, our dedicated support team is standing by to provide you with any assistance that you may require.

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Our experience has shown that resolving support issues through an Online Support Desk is far more efficient and helps our customers monitor and resolve issues rapidly. In case you have any difficulty in accessing our online support desk or if you have not received the access details yet please email us at support@akmin.com.


"Akmin’s solution offers the greatest ease of use, flexibility of installation and integration, a wide range of in-depth features and above all a passionate technical team that is driven by quality and customer satisfaction. We were particularly impressed with way they bent their backs to accommodate an almost impossible deadline that we gave them . their speed of localization and implementation was nothing short of spectacular . we got set up in a matter of days rather than weeks."

Renato Weiner, CTO - UOL, (HOST UOL inc, webhosting branch)